Itar’s Workshop Egyptian Tomb

I think I won a few other items that Itar’s Workshop makes on eBay and then checked out their website. Then I ordered a few more things including the Egyptian Tomb. At $11.99, if it turned out poorly, it would not be much of a loss.

The Egyptian Tomb arrived fairly swiftly. It is lightweight, resin, and based off of a Hirst Arts Egyptian blocks design with hieroglyphics. Any worries I had were quickly allayed. I do have a couple of the Hirst Arts Egyptian molds, but not the one(s) used to make this. On the inside of the tomb there is an interior wall of resin bisecting it and providing a lot of support. The model had a few air bubbles and a little flash on it. Scraping some resin off the bottom edges revealed more air bubbles. This is par for the course for resin. With both Armorcast and Forge World, I can easily start whittling away the actual model itself trying to get rid of the small honeycombs of air pockets.

I painted it with white craft paint and then Sandstone Apple Barrel craft paint. After it dried, I painted on some Min Wax Walnut stain and let that seal. The effect was mostly what I intended, but to really have the polyurethane stain settle into the hieroglyphics on the sloped walls I had to position it on its side and apply more stain one wall at a time, otherwise gravity would pull the liquid down its sides whereas I wanted it to pool in the depressions.

Overall I think it turned out pretty nicely. There is no escaping that you could buy the Hirst Arts mold(s), cast the blocks, and make something very similar yourself, but it is nice to also just be able to buy a one part model, quickly paint it in less than 20 minutes, and then have something cool for your Tomb Kings or Crocodile Games figures to fight over. The pricing seems in line with what Armorcast charges for its Egyptian line.