The owner of Craven Games is that most craven of wargamers himself, oftentimes refusing to participate in assaults, moving his precious minis away from combats, and trying to find the most comfortable building to hole up in. “Play like you have a pair.” is interpreted as meaning that this “pair” spoken of must be lovingly protected from any harm. Above all, the male ego must be shielded from any horrendous blows.

The Craven Philosophy:

  • Consumers should have the most information at their fingertips to make educated purchases. This is embodied by Terranscapes Youtube videos, Mike’s photos on his site, his communication with customers, and the level of depth and detail he provides his customers. Similarly Bruce Hirst offers dozens of tutorials, explanations, videos, pictures, and an online forum for customers or potential customers to get the support they need. World Works Games provides this level of support with its informative videos, online community, and the level of detail surrounding its product. Give me photos or give me death! Don’t hide your product’s features! Only surprise your customer with added bonuses!
  • Get the most use out of every gaming product. I understand that there is a line occasionally crossed by gaming companies, but with most manufacturers reluctant to cross it. Miniature companies do not advertise “Buy our cheaper product to proxy for our competitor’s models.” At the same time, a Bloodletter of Khorne is a Bloodletter of Khorne, whether in fantasy or the “dark future”. And that Bloodletter can be an unholy demon in your pulp Cthuluesque game and serve many more purposes. If there are different ways a product can be utilized, Craven Games will try to inform you.
  • Products should sell themselves, not be sold by marketing strategies. Companies should release complete well-conceived products. I have had no miniatures go bad over the years. I have had paint go bad and apparently a small tree’s worth of editions to various games.
  • Fanboys must die. Well, not really, but fanboyism. Use your critical thinking skills. Buy quality products. Don’t let your all-consuming zeal for showing your support or patriotism for a fictional universe blind you. I’ll still respect you even if you don’t have the “official dice” of Metamusal Prime.
  • When you offend a lot of people, be craven. Hide. Continue trying to achieve your objectives with as little harm to yourself as possible.