RIFTS Coalition Spec Ops Campaign

Campaign Premise:

The party is a Coalition Department of Special Divisions unit on a Long Range Patrol based out of the Coalition state of Lone Star in 103 or 104 P.A.. With infrequent returns to the Lone Star Complex, the patrol operates out of a Coalition Mark VII “Slayer” APC, receiving missions via satellite uplink from Brigadier General Ivan Kalpov.
Themes: Military, Combat Missions, Chain of Command, Backstabbing, Military Advancement, Tactics, Planning, Objectives, Supernatural, Interrogations, Suspicion, Medals/Commendations
In any RIFTS games I’ve seen the PCs are dragons, glitter boys, borgs, Juicers, with maybe a “former” Coalition soldier thrown into the mix. The Coalition are usually portrayed as the xenophobic fascist enemies that PCs must contend with. If you love Dead Boy armor, Death’s Head devices, and even the regular Coalition uniforms, this campaign is for you.

Allowed OCCs:

CS Cyborg Strike Trooper – Coalition War Campaign, p. 69
CS Commando – Coalition War Campaign, p. 71
CS EOD Specialist – Coalition War Campaign, p. 73
CS Military Specialist, RIFTS Main Book, p. 54
CS Ranger/Wilderness Scout, Coalition War Campaign, p. 80
CS RPA Elite/SAMAS Pilot, RIFTS Main Book, p. 53
CS Technical Officer, RIFTS Main Book, p. 55- – includes detachment of Skelebots
CS Special Forces – Coalition War Camaign, p. 86
Dog Boy RCC, RIFTS Main Book, p. 107
Psi-Stalker RCC, RIFTS Main Book, p. 104

OOC Notes

Necessary Books or Materials: None, though players should borrow and read up on Coalition attitudes and material assets like vehicles and weaponry.
Character Creation: With GM. Starting level 1.
Frequency: Weekly or every other week. Planning for the session’s mission(s) will probably be done via email before game sessions.
Players: 2-5 with the possibility of characters being left in the Slayer APC, sent to Lone Star, working deep cover, etc. Guest players could potentially take over one of the NPCs or be sent in to help. I prefer smaller numbers with greater intensity.

Some Roleplaying and Game Notes:

Even though there will probably be multiple combats almost every single mission, I do see this as a chance to RP out military orders, chain of command, etc. PCs may pose as bandits, mercenaries, etc. conducting investigations, rescue missions, etc. Some themes above will be emphasized more or less depending on player interest.
D-Bee Sympathizers etc. While there is room for backstabbing and politicking in the team, the point of the campaign is not how horrible the Coalition is with PCs realizing this and trying to go AWOL. The point is eradicating D-Bee scum, traitors, and serving Emperor Karl Prosek.
GM: I am a Simulationist by nature. The missions can also be very asymmetrical meaning that the party may be overpowered or underpowered. Party members need to role play accordingly.
Influences: any objective-based computer game from Mechwarrior through Rainbow 6, Modern Warfare, etc., Paranoia RPG, Aliens, Rebel commandos in Return of the Jedi, WWII commando movies