Gaming Links and Resources

These are lists of gaming resources, others’ blogs, podcasts, and things of that nature, useful to Craven Games.

Online Retailers

  • Auggie’s Games is a good source of Star Wars Miniatures and other CMG singles. He used to have a lot of Heroscape stuff. I have ordered multiples times through Auggie. Once a figure was missing and he fixed it ASAP.
  • I have never ordered from BattleMart, but I have checked them out a lot as a source for the Precision Model buildings.
  • FRP Games has a nice variety of miniatures, terrain, and other gaming materials, some of which the other online retailers don’t carry.
  • Miniature Market only gets better and better. Deep discounts. Sign up for their email list.
  • Mirliton. has old Grendel models. I have never ordered anything through them though.
  • Strike Zone Online is a go-to site for Heroclix and other CMG singles. Reliable.
  • The WarStore is now something of a venerable institution. Many orders placed with Neal.

Other Resources

  • Abaroth’s World has a lot of useful Tips and Tricks and Tutorials, especially if you are building a Hirst Arts dungeon or want to bring your fantasy village to life with wonderful miniscule details. His links are also handy.
  • cianty’s Tabletop Wargames Blog comes from another master of the hobby. This guy knows his stuff and makes and paints gorgeous miniatures and terrain.
  • – great pictures of various sci-fi terrain pieces
  • G.U.B.A.R. Podcast is a gaming podcast run by my Las Vegas gaming buddy Scott.
  • JBA Diorana is another talented hobbyist. He is more of a modeler than a gamer, but well worth following to learn from.
  • Marvelous Miniatures is a blog by an extremely talented painter and enthusiast. Follow his work on his Coaching Inn.
  • Necromundicon – I find Iron Hands’s 40k/Necromunda terrain to be a big inspiration. He offers tutorials on how to make his pieces, as well as selling them to the public. He also has a nice Mordheim fantasy city lay-out.
  • TheFaceofBattle’s Terrain Links – is a very useful collection of links to terrain manufacturers.
  • TheCasvants’GamingSite has some useful terrain ideas and tutorials on scratchbuilding terrain from a gamer with varied interests.
  • Storm the Castle What doesn’t this guy do?! He blacksmiths, he makes terrain, dioramas, loves terrariums, light-up swords, and functioning battle tanks. I know him from his Youtube channel, epicfantasy, where he shows all of the neat things he is working on. His website is all over the place, just like his interests, but he’s quite a talented inspiration. He really is storming the castle of life and taking what he can, living life to the fullest.
  • Terrain and Toy Soldiers is the blog of modeling master Dave Marshall of TM Terrain. He designed the Crystal Caste Farmhouse Series and has a number of brilliant boards and projects.

Terrain Sources