Gaming Browsing Habits

Last Year

This is true probably for the last year or so. Almost every day I check Terranscapes and then the Terranscapes Youtube channel. Every few days I check Hirst Arts to see if Bruce has posted any new products or tutorials and then visit the pictures forum to see what people are making. Every week I check Custom Kingdoms to see what new products might exist. I also visit thewarstore and Miniature Market weekly to see what is on sale or what new products have come out. Every 2-3 weeks I visit Forgeworld to see what new and exciting products they have or just to get some eye candy. Every couple of months I take a look at Dark Age Games new releases, stop by GW to see if they have any new terrain (I get their frequent emails about new armies or events), check ArmyPainter’s website, browse Auggie’s Games, and also Mantic Games. About every six months I check out the Privateer Press terrain forum.

That is it. Everything else is dependent upon my interest at the time. I sometimes look at Youtube subscription mails to see if a video headline grabs my interest. If I want to see Egyptian terrain, I’ll stop in at Crocodile Games’ forum. For a while I checked out hcrealms when playing HeroClix a lot. How are people converting cool Orks? Let me see this Mad Doc thread. How do people paint their Necron Wraiths? Ok, what does this site show?

Older History

Back when my gaming club had its own bulletin board/forums, I was on it hourly. This was not a group of strangers and was an easy means of staying in contact until the next gaming or BS session. I also used to check brushthralls and terrainthralls for new updates pretty regularly, about once a week. Black Gobbo used to draw me to GW’s website; now I visit sporadically and gulp down a small section. When I was playing a lot more collectible miniatures games, I also would visit Strike Zone Online every few days.