Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Rubble

The Pegasus Hobbies Prepainted Gothic Rubble set contains three rubble pieces. The product is truly what you see is what you get and comes in a clear plastic container. The rubble piles lightly match their existing line of Gothic terrain; I still haven’t found a wall panel that matches the window section on the largest rubble piece.

I picked mine up for $10.99. Obviously from my post on Making Rubble, I have elected to make my own rubble, but if you don’t have the time to make your own (or the inclination), Pegasus Hobbies really comes to the rescue. I suggest hitting the rubble piles with a lighter highlight of grey mixed with white to really make them pop out on the table. There is a second set with different pieces. I think any more than two of each set on the same table would be too much repetition, especially in the case of the larger more distinctive pieces.