Dark Legacy: The Rising at Gen Con This Week

Bryan Tillman standing before a vinyl hanging at Comic-Con in San Diego promoting Dark Legacy

Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman at SDCC 2012

One of the products that will be available at Gen Con this week in Indianapolis is the card game Dark Legacy: The Rising from Kaiser Studio Productions. A smaller production that has been in the works for a few years now, Dark Legacy combines RPG elements with more traditional CCG/TCG ones to create a fusion game. Fusion also describes the game’s setting as it blends swords and sorcery, ninjas, technology, guns, and the elements. Spell cards have a fixed cost and are cast using spell points which are randomly determined by rolling a d20. Each turn a player may choose to roll the d20 and cast spells OR whether to attack with the player’s character and any summoned allies.

The mind behind Dark Legacy and Kaiser Studios is Bryan “Kaiser” Tillman. We spoke at Comic-Con back in July and recorded an interview with some of his thoughts on the game. We also played through the game for about 10 minutes and I got a feeling for how complex Dark Legacy can be. At such a small level, Tillman does all of the sorting of the random packs of cards himself, which are divided up into Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Uber-Rares.