Amera Plastic Mouldings Modular Buildings

Amera Plastic Mouldings is a British company whose vaccum-moulded plastic terrain I have seen before on the walls of a local gaming store. I have not been too impressed with most of what I have seen from them, but the online pictures of these modular buildings caught my eye.

The Bad

The plastic is as smooth as sheet styrene. The Modular Building with Door’s door is not distinguished well from the surrounding wall. For me the smoothness was a potential problem for painting. This is exactly what GW Rough Coat was inteded for (it has been discontinued), but I used Spray Adhesive instead combined with dental plaster to create texture that I could use for drybrushing. The walls are also so thin that I would not cut them to make a ruined building.

The Good

I have not seen many sci-fi structures with this sort of design on the market. The sides of the finished building measure 9 inches by 11 inches. That is a lot of space on the table. Whole skirmishes can be fought on the roof. Make taller buildings by stacking more of the variant without the doors. Easy enough. Yes, GW’s Cities of Death sets can be had for almost the same price and offer a huge variety of configurations. These Amera buildings will add a bit of variety to your cityscape. Perhaps more importantly, there are a number of sci-fi or modern games where Cities of Death buildings would just look too distinctly Warhammer 40K to use them. The Amera buildings are generic enough for most systems.

As I mention in the video, I have plans to expand upon these two buildings. I may want to buy another floor or two in the future, but for now I can add foamcore inserts to divide up the buildings inside, blocking line of site. I am also curious to try adding little window panes of laminating sheets and see how that looks. I want to cut out an access area on the roof, which would then then need a closed door. Some ventilation in the form of an air intake/fan, roof top pipes, or a little stairwell shack might add visual interest as well as further cover for any rooftop models.