Pegasus Hobbies Large Cottage and Small Cottage

Among their many other prepainted offerings, Pegasus Hobbies enriches the gaming community with their Large and Small Cottages. The buildings are nearly identical except for the extended depth of the Large Cottage (about an inch deeper). The paint scheme is fairly dark with matte black windows. Both cottages feature an animal skin drying. The larger building’s animal is black and the small one’s is brown, if that matters to you. They are hollow on the inside.

The cottages are competitively priced on the low end of the scale. If you need a farm, hamlet, or village to defend or sack in Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Hordes, Warmachine, or any historical or fantasy game, these are perfect. I think they look only slightly out of place in a fantasy city. It is imaginable that they could exist in a poorer part of town where their thatched roofs would just be an accepted fire hazard.

If you are going to get two or more, I suggest getting one of each variety. Since they’re so similar, at least from a bird’s eye view you will have some slight increase in the visual appeal. If you have more than three of these, I think they will start to look odd when grouped together and at that point I would repaint one or two to make them stand out. By odd, I mean they might look like medieval tract houses instead of cobbled together from whatever stones were on hand.