Custom Kingdoms Buildings

I first became aware of Custom Kingdoms existence when Sean from Bluetable Painting posted this series of battles on Youtube beginning with this video. If Bluetable ordered them, the company must be quite legit, I reasoned (and I think many subscribers have too). The turnaround on ordering was quick; within a week I had several gorgeous painted buildings to use for gaming. The buildings are facades and hollow on the inside. They come painted to a pretty high standard as you can judge for yourself from their pictures, mine, or my YouTube video on them.

Their cottages are certainly quaint, measuring xbyx, or 1×1 Custom Kingdoms panels. Dana McDonald has made molds that fit a standard size and then casts the components in resin, assembles them, and then paints them. But back to the cottages. I have three different varieties for, well, variety. All of them are taller than most other manufacturers’ cottages or similar structures. As with the rest of the buildings, you can choose from green, red, or blue tiled roofs.

Where Custom Kingdoms really shines though is with their Tudor line of buildings. I particularly love my Tudor 04 design with its overhang and my Tudor 05. The Tudor 03 is useful for putting a few select troops on in battle. This is where Custom Kingdoms’s prices start to take off though. The Tudor 10 is a 2×1 footprint, but has two floors, a balcony, and a $75 price tag. It’s a pretty little balcony and that is 12 panels, but it will have to go on my wishlist for now.

Also on my wishlist and something that I’m much more likely to be getting soon is CK’s Windmill. By adding the blades to what is essentially a Tudor house, CK has intelligently created a new product and a new reason to fork over some money to them.

An aside: there is a lot an enterprising individual could learn from Custom Kingdoms. As already mentioned, with the Windmill, he took an existing product, added a new component, and has now put something new on the market. Maybe I need to spend more time browsing around, but I’m not familiar with another windmill on the market. The second thing is Custom Kingdoms whole lineup of Steam Punk products. I am not a huge fan of the genre, or even a fan. I doubt I will be buying any of his steam punk themed products, but he has really found a nice niche with that line of buildings. The last little lesson to be gleaned right now is maybe reiterating the effects of your product in the hands (and on the gaming board) of an influential person, aka Sean from Bluetable. Sean corroborated the value that I think we can all see visually in Custom Kingdoms’s products.