Pegasus Hobbies Wooden Crates

Another great prepainted product from Pegasus Hobbies is this blister of 8 wooden crates. 4 of the crates are hollow, but the other 4 have all six textured sides. They are on the larger side of the spectrum for use with 28mm or 30mm miniatures. They most likely are intended for use with 1/35th scale military models. The crates are made of plastic.

For an Inquisitor Scale 54mm model, they would also be perfect, but below I have used them in my Hirst Arts dungeon for Dungeons and Dragons, as well as for fantasy miniature games like Warmachine, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, or Mordheim. Do they have wooden crates in space? Sure. They could also be used in Warhammer 40K or Necromunda. I can think of at least one Necromunda scenario with gangs battling over crates and recovering what loot they can.

Size Comparison and Product Comparison with Hirst Arts Crates to come!

At the time that I shot the packaging (before throwing it away) I was using a different lower-quality camera. Editing the following three videos in iMovie would have further degraded the quality of one complete movie, so here they are unedited.