Pegasus Hobbies Oil Drums

Pegasus Hobbies adds an excellent wargaming product in the form of its Pegasus Hobbies Oil Drums. The set contains 9 prepainted oildrums suitable for use in games such as Warhammer 40K, Dark Age, Infinity, Urban War, Necromunda or any other futuristic or modern wargame.

When buying from your FLG, you can see though the clear packaging, which is helpful to the consumer. One surprise is that what would appear to be a stack of three fuel drums side by side is actually three separate drums you can pose as needed. One of the barrel stacks with a yellow barrel has a radioactive symbol on the side, as can be seen in the Youtube video below.

The Pegasus Hobbies Oil Drums, Wooden Crates, and Wooden Barrels all have similar packaging and about the same price point. However for 28mm gaming, assuming you play both sci-fi systems and fantasy, I’d get these first if you were tight on money. I’ve seen plenty of battle reports with oil drums, but most battles can get by without crates or wooden barrels (unless you play a Dwarf army). These will add a little bit more of a kick to your scenery.

Pop these out of their case, set them up as a fuel dump, or as oil barrel barricades and you are good to go.