Jungle Terrain for Martian Board Set, Privateer Press & DUST, Other Stuff

I am not a big fan of jungles. I like deciduous forests and elven glades. But I want some foliage for my Martian board set from Terranscapes. He just released cacti tree stands, which look great, but I don’t want to tie myself to the Desert Southwest theme. I also wanted to practice getting down matching colors for the board so I can add more terrain to it myself.

The result:
Aquarium plants mounted on CDs and painted to match Terranscapes Martian board sets.

One of the things that got me going on these jungle stands was dropping by the Exotic Pet Store on Smoke Ranch and Decatur when I was picking up my mother’s ashes last month. I noticed that besides the wallabies and prairie dogs that they also had some pretty decent looking small aquarium plants for 4.99. Use aquarium plants! has always been what’s said on forums, in person, and in White Dwarf. But all of the plants I have ever seen at Petco or Petsmart have been either a.) crappy ones I’d never use or b.) 9.99+ for something pretty, but wouldn’t go far. I just checked out both stores again this week after I made these and still nothing new for me to get. So here’s what I got from the Exotic Pet Store:

Zoo Med – BU-14 Small Australian Maple $4.99
Zoo Med – BU-13 Small Malaysian Fern $4.99
Zoo Med – BU-18 Small Cashuarina $4.99

I also got two plastic plants from Michael’s for $6.99 each and cut them up using snips. One of the plants I really ended up disliking and was staring at all of my leftovers until I started thinking of jungle traps like in Swiss Family Robinson with a tiger in them, or just the jungle getting plowed over by tanks like at the end of Platoon and made a couple of smooshed stands: