Necrons Rising: New Army

I didn’t even know it was time for it, but all of a sudden I was spending some birthday money on a new Necron army. I won a Monolith on eBay (yet to arrive), ordered a Necron Battleforce, and won some other eBay auctions including some for Wraiths.

I am going to go with a “classic” Necron metallic look for the army, as seen here by my Wraiths. I just need to do the eyes and final base highlights and then I’ll seal them.

Why Necrons?

1. I picked Necrons as another 40k army primarily because of how easy and quick it would be to paint them.

2. I like some of the models: Warriors, Immortals

3. I DISLIKE some of the models too. I am going to convert all of my Destroyers, any Heavy Destroyers if I ever get any, and Destroyer Lord(s) to riding on top of their flying hover boards. I really hate the weird spider/centaur design of them, similar to the Cryx Soulchasers. And then I really love the way the Battle Droids in Phantom Menace zoomed around on their personal hover things (AT-SPs?), as well as the boards in “Masters of the Universe” (oh yes!) Even Champions of Tzeentch.

4. I’m also not particularly fond of the Monolith’s design. I would like to flip it upside down and mount warriors on the top, even though it’s not a true transport. I envision something like the RIFTS cover with a floating barge. Since there are game reasons not to flip, such as using the Monolith as cover, I probably won’t be making a flipped battle barge Monolith.

Rifts Cover.

Img of Inverted Monolith.

5. Flayed Ones are out for me; I hate the models and concept. Also because of the dollar price, Immortals and Pariahs will probably not make it into my force.

Craptastic Warriors

One of the eBay Auctions for 30 Warriors and 7 Scarab stands came like this with the rods half-primed. Actually each figure was half-primed in white over an existing paint scheme underneath. Now I’ve had to go in and paint black over it. You can see that the green rods for their Gausses were also primed white.

I scraped the rods with an Xacto which could work, then tried out my Dremel to see if that would speed things up and took out part of a rod, and then went chemical with Pine Sol, but Harry pointed out it would melt the plastic. He suggested Simple Green, which is what I went with.

Anyways, I read 92 pages of Warseer posts about Necron Tactics in 5th Edition as I’ve waited for the army to arrive.