Grey Knights vs. Eldar Battle 3

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Harry and I played again Monday morning, his Eldar versus my Grey Knights. It was another 750 point game.

Harry had some Fire Dragons, a small Guardian squad with a Scatter Laser, two Guardian Jetbike squadrons, a Farseer, Dire Avengers, and some Kroot Mercenaries he was very excited about fielding, especially in the jungle.

Turn 2 opened with his 6 FIre Dragons opening fire on my Grey Knights, killing 6! :-/ But then I excitedly remembered that they were in cover. And then I rolled cover saves and only 1 made it, so there went 125 points. His Dire Avengers then laid into the same squad and killed three more. He also blew the twin-linked lascannon off of my Dread which spent the rest of the game either stunned or trying to run into close combat, but not doing anything else but be a fire magnet.

At this point I was very demoralized!! Squad Azulus with just the Justicar and GK with Psycannon opened fire on the Fire Dragons and assaulted them, beating them bloody, causing them to fail their Morale, and I GOT the Sweeping Advance roll on them, my two guys wiping them out. Next turn the Dire Avengers charged them. My two guys survived it and dished out death to the entire squad as well. Then they took aim at the Farseer and shot him up. Having accomplished so much, I think they went down from some Kroot rifle fire.

The game stretched on to Turn 6 or 7 and I won because it was the Kill Points mission and I had 3 KPs vs. his 1. Not “having my army evaporate by turn 4” was enjoyable for Harry haha. Hmmn, the 3+ cover saves for the Kroot in the woods was annoying as was the Eldar Jet Bikes’ 3+ saves too. In my opinion I was lucky that the Dreadnought got so much of Harry’s Strength 6 fire because it could have been a lot more dead GKs.

This game was very different from most of our other games. I am not used to having to go to Harry and be the aggressor. When we play Dark Age, St. Mark forces him to come out. Most of our Star Wars games Harry has Jedi or something else that excels at getting up close so I’m usually trying to evade. Even in Heroclix I might have a lot of Ranged Combat Expert going on. But here is his army towards the end, backing up to the very edge of the board or staying in that nice cushy cover not that I blame them/him:

The Guardian Scatter Laser had been falling back for 2 or 3 turns.