Updates: 40k, 4E Forgotten Realms

Originally posted at vegasgamers.org. Blog post slightly modified.

In small games against pointy-eared Xenos, Grey Knights carry the day.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve seen him last, but Harry and I got together last week and this to play – of all things – some 40k. He’s been working on an Eldar army and got a major boost to his forces when someone sent him an entire army.

So in this first battle, we had 600 points. I took 2 9-man GK squads with a psycanon in each. He had some tender Guardians, shooty Dire Avengers, and pathetic Fire Dragons.

Here is what we do to the last Fire Dragon!

Battle, the Second

Then he came over today and this time we had a 750 point battle. I added a non-WYSIWYG Dreadnought with a CCW and twin-linked lascannon. You can see the wrecked Vyper behind the trees. Harry had never seen so many failed Morale checks. I hadn’t either! Both of his Guardian squads took off. His Howling Banshees took off. His Dire Avengers took off. All ran away! The Autarch alone remained and was soon cut down.

4E Forgotten Realms campaign

One thing that’s been on hold for a while now because of my mother’s death and then not feeling up to it or not being done with the dungeon is our 4th Edition Forgotten Realms campaign. I’m excited for it to resume though.

One thing I’ve been working on for it is a Hirst Arts dungeon that they might be exploring in the next session or two. I cast a lot back in June and even made my first mold to help speed up the dungeon creation. Here’s a little layout. If my players read this, it will be a slight spoiler.

Since last posting in January, both of my brother-in-laws have joined the party, so now I have 5 PCs. Christel is up to 3rd level as is Azrid the warden. I actually want to post about the campaign more in depth, but will do that later.

I reread the Avatar Trilogy to help flavor the D&D campaign and just reread Azure Bonds too. It’s better than I remembered.